Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nitori!? Ikea!? One Word: Awesome

So a couple of weekends ago... I went to Emiful, one of the main and largest malls in Matsuyama (according to my knowledge) to do some shopping. I needed to buy some Polos and other attires for work since my old ones were.... how do you say it... ummm... getting old? haha Anyhow, I bought some cooking utensils and some foreign foods like Pho and Indian curry mixes, and headed out the door to go back to Okaido in main area Matsuyama. However, I came across a building that caught my attention big time.

It was the Nitori building. According to rumors and the commercials (Japanese people call it CM) I watched in the past, it was basically like an Ikea. When I was in college back in California or Davis... I always went to Ikea to do my shopping for kitchen utensils and other household items. It was on the way toward Sacramento or Natomas, and it was very close to Davis. Whenever a spatula got f'ed up by the apartment gas stove, I would hop on the car to Ikea. haha... Ikea was the place to go... cheap furniture, utensils, photo frames, wine racks, and also food. Their Swedish meatballs were the bomb! A couple of them in a pot of marinara sauce or other tomato based pasta sauces... and you got yourself a quick and easy spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmmm yummy! =)

Anyhow... Nitori is kind of like Ikea... the only thing different is
they dont have a food court. haha. And I guess you could say.. the prices are debatable.. But that was kind of the same thing at Ikea. The one thing that both Ikea and Nitori are similar in is the showcase floor upstairs. When I entered the showcase floor of Nitori and checked out the models of furnished kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms... I hella remembered the times when my friends and I ventured into the Ikea showroom playing "house" or role playing as a family in their new home and so forth. haha. I was being nostalgic as I checked out Nitori's model rooms.

After taking some pictures and realizing that I dont need a bed or couch since I had no way of carrying it or paying hella muns to have it sent to my home... I went to the shopping area to check out the stuff I could afford and carry back home with me. I went to the kitchen utensil aisle and found myself stupefied or amazed with the affordable prices of some pots, pans, and dish racks. After doing a nice sweep look around of the shopping floor of Nitori, I came back to the utensil aisle and bought a compact two-story dish rack and a very large and deep frying pan. The total cost was like 1300 yen. Affordable pricing! Well I think it is haha

I left Nitori with great satisfaction for I was able to buy stuff for my kitchen and I remembered all the good times I spent in Ikea with my friends and so forth. Both Nitori and Ikea are awesome places and I recommend for many other!

On my way back home, the pan and dish rack eventually got heavy on me and became a little bit of a nuisance, but it now sits in my kitchen glistening brightly as ever and making my kitchen convenient and better to work in. All I need for my kitchen is a table to have more space to do some dicing, chopping, and slicing haha.

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